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The Big Dig

I thought it was high time that I got back to blogging since I’ve taken off now for 3 months. Note to self:  Schedule time for more frequent blogs. So here I sit, wondering what to write.  It is usually quite peaceful with my window open and the sound of nature drifting in.  On this day, however, I hear the sounds of BIG equipment moving dirt back into the trenches that had been dug in order to replace the water pipes.  The sound of the machinery is distracting enough, but the beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep when they back up is downright irritating!  So how can I turn this into something...
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Shame on You for Shaming Us

I particularly wanted to talk about hypnosis today, but didn’t have a clear idea of just what I wanted to say about it.  So I got out the OH Cards again to see where they might take me, and how I can relate it to hypnosis.  (Note the picture to this blog which shows the word card – Shame – framing  the picture card.) Let’s see where this goes. As I look at the picture, it appears to be two people looking out the front window of a car.  There is a Yield sign ahead, clearly a road veering off to the right, a not-so-clear road ahead, and a rear view mirror with nothing...
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Victim or Vulnerable?

I am new to this blogging business, so the first three blogs were actually articles I had written for local magazines and a newspaper.  So now it’s time to post another blog, and all I can do is ask myself, “Now what?” Well, I am fortunate enough to have a wise friend who knows that I often use OH Cards as a means of accessing the subconscious mind in order to work through problematic issues.  She encouraged me to use these cards as inspiration for my blogs.  I am following up on her suggestion with this blog. These OH Cards consist of two decks of 88 cards each.  One...
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