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Beliefs That Control Our Behavior

Ever wonder why you continue to do the things that you say over and over again you will never do again?  Ever wonder why you don’t do the things that  you tell yourself over and over again that you are going to do?  I’m pretty convinced that I’m not the only one who experiences this.  So if I know that something in my life needs changing, and I even know how to change it, what is it that keeps me from following through on my goal to change it?  It’s not a lack of will power.  I have plenty of will power.  I just don’t always exercise it.  And why is that? ...
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Paralysis of Analysis

I am a Virgo, so an astrologer would say that my tendency toward analyzing anything (or everything) comes quite naturally.  My ego, of course, thinks that this is a wonderful trait, that the pursuit of knowledge is very lofty, indeed, and that it shows how intelligent I am. Well, my ego got quite a come-uppance the other night while I was talking with a friend.  All day I had been mulling over what I would charge for the hypnotherapy courses I am offering online.  I brought this up to my friend, and then proceeded to give a questioning dissertation on “why” would this be a good price,...
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Going to the Core

In my last blog I promised to write about core beliefs – what they are and where they come from. Core beliefs are those beliefs that are buried within the subconscious mind influencing us, motivating us, and even driving us to respond to life in ways that reinforce these core beliefs. This would be great if the core beliefs were all positive. However, the majority of these core beliefs were formed when we were little children, without an understanding of the situations that caused these beliefs. When we were born, we had not yet formed the critical factor, the part of our conscious mind that...
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