Past Life Regression

What is really happening when hypnotherapy clients regress to time eras of the past as different personalities? Are they really experiencing a life lived prior to their current incarnation? Does their soul/spirit really reincarnate from one lifetime to another? Or are they accessing information from their DNA? Or are they tapping into what Edgar Cayce (known as the Sleeping Prophet) called the Akashic Records, the place where all thoughts, words, events and situations are recorded? Or are they tapping into what Carl Jung referred to as the Collective Unconscious? Or is it simply the method in which the subconscious gives information to the client through metaphor in order to soften the trauma? Or could it perhaps be a simple case of imagination and fantasy on the part of the client?

From the hypnotherapist’s perspective, it doesn’t really matter which (if any) of the above theories about past life regression is true or false. The client doesn’t even need to believe in reincarnation in order for the past life regression to be therapeutic. Since the subconscious is motivated toward our well being, it will lead us to the perfect solution. If that solution involves a past life regression, it is irrelevant whether or not that past life was actually experienced. What is relevant is that the subconscious is presenting the experience to the client now in an effort toward resolution of something in the client’s present situation.

As a hypnotherapist and hypnotherapy instructor, I have found past life therapy to be very effective in releasing persistent conditions such as phobias, allergies, and anxiety disorders; clearing repeating patterns of self-sabotage and negative programming that affect our prosperity and relationships; accessing creativity; reviewing and releasing past life contracts with significant others; and gaining understanding from the “big picture.”

If only the past would stay in the past.

If only the past would stay in the past.



I am reminded of a client who was having difficulty leaving a very physically and mentally abusive situation. Every time she determined to leave this abusive relationship, she experienced extreme anxiety and felt suicidal. When asked to go back to another time, maybe even the first time, when she felt these anxious and suicidal feelings, she regressed to a scene in which she was a man who had left his child alone in a thatched hut. When he returned, he found the hut had burned and the child was dead. In his agony and guilt, in the last moments before he committed suicide, he vowed that if he had it to do over again, he would never leave this child, no matter what.

Can you guess who this child is in the woman’s present life? Yes, the one she is currently with in the abusive relationship and cannot leave “no matter what.”

Through this past life regression the woman was able to release the guilt and break this “contract” she had made. Shortly after this session, she was able to free herself from the abusive relationship without the anxiety or suicidal feelings she had experienced in the past.

So was that a real past life she had lived? Who knows? And from a hypnotherapist’s perspective, it is unimportant.

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  1. Vanessa says:

    This is fascinating. I also like the caption that goes with the little hut, as I require a little humor along with my deep thinking. 😉

  2. Shelby Bunke says:

    If only the past would stay in the past….wouldn’t that be nice.

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