Paralysis of Analysis

I am a Virgo, so an astrologer would say that my tendency toward analyzing anything (or everything) comes quite naturally.  My ego, of course, thinks that this is a wonderful trait, that the pursuit of knowledge is very lofty, indeed, and that it shows how intelligent I am.

Well, my ego got quite a come-uppance the other night while I was talking with a friend.  All day I had been mulling over what I would charge for the hypnotherapy courses I am offering online.  I brought this up to my friend, and then proceeded to give a questioning dissertation on “why” would this be a good price, or “why” would that be a good price, etc., etc., etc., etc.  I even asked once or twice, “Why am I having such a hard time coming up with the right amount?”

Paralysis of Analysis

Paralysis of Analysis

My friend piped in with, “Do you know how many times you have used the word “why” over the last few minutes?”  I was immediately reminded of the challenge I give all students of hypnotherapy to omit the word “why” from their vocabulary because this word 1) moves us into the analytical mode which is not conducive to hypnotherapy, and 2) moves us away from our intuitive mode or subconscious mind where answers can be accessed much more effortlessly.

This jarred me out of the analysis mode and brought to mind the saying I have heard, ”  Teachers teach what they need to learn.”   This brought me to laughter.  Amidst the laughter, I came up with the figure I knew was the right price.  When I went back to the computer, I was amazed to see this price written down on a piece of paper next to the computer.  It was the first price that had come to my mind that morning.

So, a note to my ego:  I don’t think that my long drawn-out exercise in analysis was proof of my intelligence.  Rather, I think it was more proof of the futility of over-analyzing; the paralysis of analysis.

5 Responses to “Paralysis of Analysis”

  1. Your notes for today were great!! You do have such a light hearted sense of humor about you… It truly helps us to laugh at our own self discoveries sometimes; also, it is a great way to keep things in perspective!

  2. Glenda Gibbs says:

    I really enjoyed reading this … I too have a ‘tendency’ to over analyze – just a tendency. I just stumbled upon this new site – I really like it. Good job!!

  3. Sandy Singh says:

    I love the writing style. I was also impressed with once the overanalylizing stopped, how things fell into place. I’ll have to try not overanalyzing and see if I can just allow. Then see what flows.

  4. laura says:

    wonderful perception!!! i have learned so much from you sharing your personal ‘shifts’ and insights! thank you….

  5. Jeanne Chambers says:

    Hi Judy,
    It is great to know that this is a process that just keeps on giving, even to ourselves. Like I have always been taught, we have all the answers inside if we can just keep ourselves out of our own way. I think that learning to let go is the most challenging lesson we all have. God Bless!
    P.S. Want more Blogs….lol

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