I’m Back!!!!!

Yes, miracles really do happen!  I’m back!!


In the two years I’ve been absent, there were very few days that I did not tell myself to get back to blogging.  Well, today I listened, and here I am.


While my previous blogs were focused on turning my thoughts into articles, I’ve decided to diversify; maybe one day an article, another day maybe just a few words about whatever I’m thinking or doing at the time.  If I’m not confined to writing complete articles, I’ll be inclined to write more regularly.


I’m still a hypnotherapist, I still teach hypnotherapy classes at the Hypnotherapy Institute of Spokane, and I offer home-study hypnotherapy training for certification at www.hypnotherapyone.com so no doubt some of the blogs will include references to these experiences.


Vanessa Wolf (author and friend) and I are working on putting together Past Life Regression workshops.  It is a work-in-progress right now, including the website which is www.soulhistories.com.  Information on these developments will probably seep into my blogs now and then.


I have finally started writing a book about Past Life Regressions.  This is also something I have talked about for a long time, and it feels good to have my fingers finally typing  the words onto the pages.  I presume that this theme of Past Life Regressions will be making its way into my blogs periodically.


So I wonder what I’m going to talk about tomorrow?  Hmmmm.  Maybe, since it took me two years to put my intentions into action, maybe I should tackle the subject of Finding the Beliefs that Control Our Behaviors.  Until tomorrow.



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  1. bob billings says:

    hi dear one do you have any classes on hypnobirthing thanks

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