Inside Job

Peace of Mind is an Inside Job. This phrase appears on all letterhead, brochures, and flyers that are sent out from Hypnotherapy One. It is a phrase that describes what has occurred in hypnotherapy when people have accessed their great inner wisdom; an inner wisdom we all possess, yet all too often lose sight of in our process of coping and surviving in our material world. Our “outer” world seems to correspond to the process of our “inner” world.

 One example of an “inside job” that occurs in hypnotherapy is discovering and releasing old tapes (belief systems) that perpetuate low self-esteem, perhaps causing us to be afraid to speak in public, or perhaps keeping us from doing that which we want, or perhaps keeping us trapped in addictive behaviors.


Peace of mind is an inside job.

 Another “inside job” may be changing our bodies by changing our minds. The body is like a robot. It does what the mind tells it to do. Becoming aware of what the mind is telling the body, and changing these messages, can alter the way in which the body experiences pain. It can change the “fat thermostat” (weight regulating mechanism) for weight control. It can change the body’s negative stress responses. 

 Another “inside job” may occur in a past life regression, where one can gain perspective on difficult or painful situations; release prejudices; forgive self and others; release fear of death; clear phobias; clear repeating patterns of self-sabotage in regards to  relationships or prosperity, etc; review and release any contracts, promises, or agreements made with another; or meet a past life personality who embodies that which one desires and bring back this essence into the present.

 Another “inside job” (one of my favorites) is accessing and communicating with the Inner Guide, sometimes called Higher Self. The profound wisdom imparted in these dialogues never ceases to amaze me.

 Another “inside job” is allowing the subconscious to bring forth the interpretation of any dreams we have had. Since the subconscious has given the dream in its language of metaphor, what better place to go for its interpretation?

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